Some news items about the club and the members.
We have the results of the Cymru Monochrome competition that we entered. 41 clubs took part. These are the results of the winners:-
1st Place - Inn Focus with 75
2nd Place - Swansea cc with 73
3rd Place - Cotswold Monochrome with 72.

The prints we entered as a club are as follows:-
Street Furniture - 16
Rain Again - 14
Liz in Snow - 13
Winter Beach Scene - 17
A total of 60 out of a possible 80.
I do not know the names of the photographers. If you would like to let me know who you are I will then put you next to your entry.

We now have the results of our Quarterly Competitions for 2016-2017 which are :-

Harold Breton Memorial Trophy goes to Graham Cole.

Graham Cole

Joint Winners:-
Rakesh Nar and
Graham Cole

Print and DPI of the Year

Eric Phillips Memorial Trophy goes to Rakesh Nar

John H Jones Trophy goes to Sheila Kibble.

Malcolm Shore

Charles Jackson AV Trophy
Pat Perkins.

Well done. Congratulations to you all.